Generate good looking smoky backgrounds with waterpipe.js


Some time ago I accidentally visited a blog named by Dan Gries. It is mainly focused on HTML5 canvas and contains many beautiful experiments. Later I’ve seen several eye catching background/pattern generators including trianglifytriangles and geopattern

These amazing examples encouraged me to play around with HTML5 Canvas and here is the result – waterpipe.js. It’s an open source jQuery plugin for smoky backgrounds generation (HTML5 Canvas).

mPurpose – Free multipurpose Twitter Bootstrap 3 template

mPurpose Template

Hey, this is the official start of DragDropSite – a blog for web developers by a web developer. More freebies and tutorials are coming soon. Don’t miss them – follow us!

Today’s freebie is mPurpose - a responsive, sleek, clean and minimal HTML/CSS template (Twitter Bootstrap 3). It contains a huge variety of components and more that 30 sample pages so could be used for almost any type of website.